"To the self-interested, Alexis’s paintings seem to exploit conditions of entrapment, cruelty and isolation. But the sense of exploitation falls away as the subjects become more dear to us, begging the viewer to consider what these conditions reveal about the necessity of our nature: to be free, to live without fear, and to propel ourselves into a greater, sometimes unfathomable scope of experience, however manipulative or dire. Horizons menace yet somehow beckon, reminding us where we stand in the scene: constraints serve as warnings, suffering betrays hope, and each contrivance – the better we see it – becomes urgently familiar."


  Born and bred in New York City, Alexis Trice has had an obsession with drawing and painting from a very young age, and flora and fauna have always been her subject of choice. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration she started focusing on painting in oils. In 2005, following the realization that her combined love for dogs and art could be turned into a business, she started her company Welcome to the doghouse, through which she created hundreds of custom pet portraits.

    Alexis finds inspiration and admiration in Victorian taxidermy, wunderkammer, preserved fetal animals, insects, wax anatomical studies, natural history, conjoined twins, daguerreotypes and sifting through the pages of old lithographs. When not in front of the easel she spends time working at the invertebrate wing of the American Museum of Natural History or assisting in biology field work in the Amazon and other far off lands.

    She lives and works in Manhattan, NY. 





Upcoming - June 17 - "Summer Soirée" Group Show, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles 

"Pressure" Group Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



"Best friends" Group Show, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles CA

“Endlings” Solo Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Dystopian Forest” Group Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

"Obscura Mystery Postcards" Exhibition, at MGS, Melbourne, Australia

“Animals UmWelt" iMOCA Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Exhibition 


2015 - 2011

Represented by Gray Blush Gallery, McLean, VA

“12” x 12” Mighty Tanaka Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



“The Making of Melancholy” Solo Show Grand opening, Articulated Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Girls don’t count” Shadows Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

“Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” Mighty Tanaka Gallery Contemporary group art exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

“Draw: Mexico City” Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico, Juarez, Mexico

“Cosmic Characters” Clover’s Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

“Hybridism: Where Raw Meets Refined” Mighty Tanaka Gallery Contemporary group art exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

New York Junior League 58th Annual Winter Ball Fundraiser, NYC

"Nothing and everything" 323east Gallery, Royal Oak, MI



“Draw” Group Show, Fuse Gallery, curated by Eric Foss, NYC

“Remixed” Lombardi Gallery, Austin, Texas

“World of Imagination” APW Gallery, NYC

“Bushwick Film Festival Art Event” Papa B Studios, Brooklyn, NY


"Animals for Breakfast" Solo show at Doma Gallery, NYC

“Humans Beware” The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Untitled" Niagra Gallery, NYC

"We're upon death" Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn, NY



“Seul Contre Tous: Art for a Cure” group exhibition Saved Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

"Stray bullets" The Annex, NYC



“Ellipses” group show PPOW Gallery, NYC

“Fertile Ground” Micro Museum group show, Brooklyn NY